Whoa!!! I'm the second person to vote at the Attica School location. You have got to be kidding me. The write-ins I can barely reach at 6 ft 2 inches and they are above the levers,at an angle and tiny. Not senior friendly or disabled accessible. Also, the machines broke as they showed me the person's write in vote that came before me. I notified the inspectors immediately. The "paper" tape in the machine did not advance properly. They closed the machines down and went to paper for all voting. My worry is the legality of the vote at the other locations. People can't write their votes in properly in the machines, make it legible and spell all right. Some inspectors said to use ink, some only pencil. If you have a problem with write-ins at the other voting locations, please call the Board of Elections (585) 786-8931 or 786-8932. They want to know asap.
Two Candidates have signed up for three open seats on the Attica School District's School Board.

I'm asking all to only vote for Michelle McCullough and not Lane. We will also need two write-ins. Please "write-in" Melissa Struzik and James R. Miller. Ask a poll worker for help on how to do the write-ins. Also , each name must be spelled correctly to count.
Please vote "no" on the budget. We have 8 administrators making over $820,000 total and not one dime of that has been cut. We only have about 1520 students in all our schools and only about 105 in Sheldon.
For several years all we get is cuts to teachers. Not one dime of admin. has been cut. In fact Mr. Lane voted for every increase and even voted for a bonus for a superintendent that publicly stated our problems with academic failings in our middle school was due to "the hormonal problems of the students" and wasn't joking.

Mr. Lane is pro Superintendent Bryce Thompson. Enough said.

We are still advocating for “lowering” taxes locally and throughout New York, advocating for Seniors, and advocating for better education for our children.  I’m not going away.  I received a great education these last couple years and thank you for that.   The hundreds of friends I’ve made in Western New York, outside and inside the Attica District, are great.  You may still reach me at bsbyboomer@yahoo.com  or 585-300-6200.